6 thoughts on “Poems,Ballads &Limericks and a song or two !!!

      • already up on the site Susie and shared around the world , my father was Charlie Fox from Listamlet and we’d have been up at Dan’s regularly , I remember well the big thick sandwiches you’d have gotten and the marigold biscuits, some craic back then , I be talking to wee Peter from time to time or as we called him “wee Peter from Dree”



    Memories of my beloved ireland
    Comes drifting slowly by
    The longing hits me
    between my heart
    Of my home that’s called the Moy

    Sandy Lane I remember you well
    A place where lovers used to dwell
    Somewhere we often went to hide
    To our parents, we surely lied
    This place to every girl and boy
    So secret no one could deny

    That little bungalow on the hill
    I’m sad to say it’s not there still
    With all us Kids and Mam an Dad
    The happiest memories we ever had

    So safe a place this used to be
    There was no call for lock nor key
    That little place that we called town
    No gun nor pillage was to be found

    We heard that England was so bad
    We were uprooted by Mam and Dad
    And so we left the safeness of our Moy
    Just the clothes on our back, not even a toy

    And onto a boat set for England we
    Travelled the stormy seas, no longer free
    To live in a land of strangers more
    As I look back to my Ireland’s shore

    No more running to Bookless’s sweet shop
    Or to Mrs Shields for a wee bottle of pop
    No more Dr. Hobson, who I absolutely adored
    many times treated me in my home at the Redford
    Many times he visited me at the Redford

    For I was rather a sick little child, you see
    Drs in Dungannon Seemed to know me
    I helped the nurses with their rounds
    I was no stranger to hospital grounds

    I remember the day that I started school
    I didn’t take it serious, I just played the fool
    Being left handed appeared to be rough
    Miss Donnelley, made my days very tough

    Down the Grange Road on that big tree
    We would swing for hours so endlessly
    Loved when the gypsies came to stay
    With their kids who we would often play

    And in the meadow when the gypsies came
    We’d play with Sonny, yea, that was his name
    But they were travellers they’d soon move on
    We’d go down to the meadow, but they were gone

    The camp fire out the place deserted
    They’d moved on, no one was alerted

    Skinned hands, skinned knees upon the Pound Wall
    Where we’d walk and topple and eventually fall

    Every Saturday daddy took us to the Surley River
    For our weekly “bath” until we would shiver
    One arm one leg he’d swing us around
    Then throw us in without a sound
    He didn’t care if we would sink or swim
    He’d laugh his head off and just throw us in

    To Fox’s Fields way down Limekill Road
    Strawberries we would pick by the load
    Of course we got paid by Mr. fox
    The wage depended on how many a box
    But oh how I loved them strawberries so
    More went in my mouth don’t you know

    But when my weekly wages they finally came
    To mom I’d hand, & hang my head with shame
    Susie wasn’t thinking clearly no doubt
    For that money was to help the family out

    Sunday Mass, you see,was the main event
    Every Sunday for sure and all through Lent
    Benediction at six, I remember it very well
    Was worth the miles we walked just for the smell

    Going to Grannies for a visit out at Dree
    Up to Dans for a visit with Mommy and me
    I loved it there we’d go an play
    But the McKearney boys would chase us away
    Johnny, Peter oh and Danny who I loved so
    While the others scared us, he’d always let me go.

    The day we loved the most was Saturday afternoon
    To the Pictures we’d go to see Cowboys or a cartoon
    Still I’ll admit it was a long trek
    Three miles there. Three miles back
    Sixpence in and thruppence for a treat
    So we could sit in the Pictures content in our seat

    SueMac: April 7/2016

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    • Thank you so much Susie, amazing work!!!oh the Grange trees many a days craic was had there , I remember of a dark evening Dan getting the big telescope to look at the moon and the stars , you’ve evoked a lot of memories for me , do you mind if I put it up on the site ?


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